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Updated MLB Payrolls

Now that the winter meetings are complete and a lot of free agents have signed, I thought this was a good time to update my MLB payroll visualization. All the latest contract information from Baseball Reference is now reflected in the charts. Click the image below for the goods:

MLB Payrolls Thumbnail

I’ve made a couple updates.

Option years are now included in the team totals and are shown on each team graph. The option year will be slightly transparent on that bottom graph. There’s many different types of options but they are all treated the same here. In the future, I hope to make distinctions between team, player, and vesting options as well as doing something to reflect buyout amounts. I’ll have to do a bunch of experimenting to see how I can communicate that information clearly in the visualization.

Most of the other changes are behind the scenes. The contract information is now coming from the individual player’s Baseball Reference pages. I feel like this will make it a lot easier to update the visualization with recent transactions. I’ve done a lot of the data transformations behind the scenes in an effort to speed the page load time (which is still not really great). The data is now in some ugly json files, but they’re formatted exactly how D3.js wants them.

I wanted to further beautify the whole thing, but the perfect is the enemy of the good. I thought updating the contract data before the new year was more important. Numbers and data are my specialty. Clearly and cleanly communicating those numbers and data is more of an interest and hobby of mine. If you’ve got great ideas about how to make this prettier, easier to use, or better in any other way, contact me on Twitter at @mrphilroth.

Next up, updates to the NBA version.