BSidesSF 2018 & BSidesCharm 2018
EMBER: An Open Source Malware Classifier and Dataset
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BSidesLV 2017
Data Visualization for Improving Machine Learning Models
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Data Intelligence 2017
Model Bakeoff

SciPy 2015
Examining Malware with Python
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SciPy 2014
Time Series Analysis for Network Security
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EMBER: An Open Dataset for Training Static PE Malware Machine Learning Models
Learning to Evade Static PE Machine Learning Malware Models via Reinforcement Learning

While at Endgame, I've mostly built and deployed production machine learning systems. But I've also done some research and written some papers.

IGARSS Paper: Ionospheric Stripes in PALSAR data
IGARSS Paper: Simulating SAR through the Ionosphere

I worked on SAR systems for a couple years at a very small consultancy. I found reasons for striping that occurred in SAR imagery collected through the ionosphere.

ApJ Paper: IceCube Search for Muon Neutrinos from GRBs
PhD Thesis: IceCube Search for Muon Neutrinos from GRBs

While getting my PhD in physics, I used the IceCube neutrino detector at the South Pole to search for muon neutrinos coming from giant explosions called gamma-ray bursts. I didn't find any. But I did discover an affinity for building machine learning models.


Wired: AI Can Help Cybersecurity - If it Can Fight Through the Hype

Cyentia Institute Podcast: Episode 9: Phil Roth